Learn Why Sales Influence Is Important & How It’s The Key To Unlocking Your Future
Mastering Sales Influence 
In this live group coaching program I take you on a Transformational Journey and show you how to achieve success, wealth, happiness and everything you want.

EARNINGS / INCOME DISCLAIMER: Any and all results shown here aren’t typical. They are created by being committed and applying and improving your knowledge, skills, habits and mindset. It takes work… it’s not for the “get rich quick” crowd.
Dear business owner, high-ticket salesperson, coach and consultant.

With this Live Coaching Program, you get full on access on how to Increase Your Sales and Enroll High Paying Clients in 30 days or less.

Plus, you learn how to tap into your authentic leadership ability and sell with integrity.

So how does the Mastering Sales Influence Live Coaching Program work?

The program is delivered over 5 Weeks.

That means 5 Weeks of Live Personal Group Coaching, not a bunch of pre-recorded videos, stacks of PDF’s or lame Q&A's. 

MSI is Not a mass production training program.

With me… It’s Personal, It’s Real, It’s Live!

...and It Works!

Here's What Your 5 Weeks Of Live Coaching With Me Looks Like:
  • WEEK1: Sales Is a Contact Sport
We’ll show you How To…
  • Create a PACT with Yourself so you can succeed
  • Set AND Achieve Goals because then you will realize your dreams
  • Lead with Influence and change your financial status by serving others
  • ​Create Success with this One Sales Secret to become 100% confident
We dive deep into Your Ability to Influence People so you can understand how to create success for yourself and your clients.

In fact, you’ll learn how to Set SIMPLE Goals™ and Craft Powerful Messages so you can connect and attract the right people to work with.
    • ​WEEK 2: The POWER of Win-Win
    You’ll learn to understand and apply the… 
    • Principles of Win-Win and become unstoppable by giving people what they want
    • Force That Makes Us Buy Now so you can create massive rewards for you and your clients
    • $90-Million Dollar C.R.I.S.P. Call™ Blueprint. I show you step-by-step, word-for-word How to Create Clients Every Day!
    • Ultimate Sales Close. It’s power and simplicity will shock you!
    So, at last, perhaps for the first time, you’ll know exactly… 
    How to Turn Prospects into a Consistent Stream of 
    High Paying Clients
    … which will make your life better and deliver the impact you want!
    YES!! The C.R.I.S.P. Call™ works for every conversation you’ll ever have!
    • Getting an influencer to hire you
    • Enrolling a prospect into your programs
    • Selling your services or products to interested parties 
    • ​Helping others do what's best for them
    It even works in dealing with people you perceive has a higher status than you. It places you on an equal footing with anyone!

    It works for everyone! Even for you…

    Winners Win With Integrity!

      • ​​WEEK 3: Master Yourself to Succeed
      “Knowing is not enough, we must apply. Willing is not enough, we must do.”

      Like me, and Bruce Lee, you’ll agree, learning is important. Yet, we both know…
      • Application Creates Results! It’s the only thing that’ll move your life forward
      • The right T.E.A. will Defeat Your Internal Enemy and Lead You to Success 
      • These 5 Principles of Success always ensure that you achieve your outcome 
      Sometimes we receive pushback from people in our life… objections, concerns, confusion. When you can’t resolve them, nobody benefits. Everyone loses. We believe in win-win!

      You’ll learn how to apply a…
      • Simple 5 Step Process to Resolve Pushback like mist before the sun.
      YES!! You don’t need cute little phrases, glib sayings, 21 closing techniques or any other annoying tactic!

      Who uses that stuff anyway? Perhaps greasy, sleazy broke salespeople or Losers?

      Actual Million Dollar Earners Never use crap like that, and Neither Should You!
        • ​​WEEK 4: Get Guaranteed Results
        There’s an old saying… 

        “First we make our habits and then our habits make us!” 

        Would you like to learn the…
        • 5 Secrets Million Dollar Earners Use to Achieve Great Results? 
        Would you like to have… 
        • Our Five Weeks to Five Figures Blueprint? It’ll get you off to a FAST Start! Follow it and success will be yours.
          • ​​WEEK 5: Lock Everything Down 
          Your Success Is Guaranteed because when the right mindset, skillset and habits intersect success is the only outcome!

          Everything  you’ve been coached on, learned, practised, experienced and mastered comes together.

          • We give you the completed picture,  not just the individual pieces 
          • We show you how it all fits together, you don’t have to figure it out by yourself
          When you see it you’ll feel it’s power. 

          You’ll be ready to step out into the real world and create the success you want!

          Mastering Sales Influence gives you everything you need to create extraordinary results in your life, business, career and relationship.

          Mastering Sales Influence is a Proven System to Ensure Your Success!

          Everything you'll learn comes from...
          • Actual results created over more than 30-years building multiple million-dollar businesses
          • Facing and Overcoming Real Challenges from hard-as-nails prospects in many different industries
          • Selling to top international brands and
          • Creating High Paying Clients Every Day!  From a few dollars to millions of dollars per sale.
          It’s the type of Live Coaching Program that’ll change your life…

          And now You Can Become a Million Dollar Earner… unless of course, you prefer to keep struggling…

          Larry Winget says… “You’re broke because you want to be!”

          Like me, You know… Top Achievers enjoy succeeding… Do you want to succeed?

          “After just a few meetings I began to understand the most critical points for connecting with clients and closing sales.”
          ~Darrel, One of my coaching students
          Here’s How Your Life Will Be Transformed…
          • Build strong meaningful relationships, personally and professionally
          • Grow your business
          • ​​Make ALL the Money you want
          • Have a massive impact in the world
          • Work the hours you want
          • ​Sell your ideas, services & products to others
          Still reading? Winners Act!
          MSI Puts You in Control.

          You can Live Anywhere, Work When You Want and Enjoy Life Fully!

          NEVER be Dependant on Someone Else Again!
          Because Life Is About Choice, 
          I Offer Two Coaching Packages…
          • ​​​​2x 90 Minute Live Coaching Sessions per week via Zoom
          These calls are designed to transform your life!

          There are no pre-recorded sessions. All calls are live via Zoom.

          We have 2x 90min live calls per week, where we work through each weeks topic.

          I encourage you to take part and ask any questions as they come up. I love interactive calls!
          • ​​​​ 3x 30 Minute Private Breakthrough Sessions
          You know how you have done other programs and there are areas that you struggle with but can never get help from the course creator?
          That’s the reason I created these Private calls with me personally to solve any challenges you're facing with Mindset, Skillset or Habits.
          I encourage you to make use of these sessions!
          Plus, the Mastering Sales Influence Live Coaching Program includes the following FREE bonuses:
            FREE STANDARD BONUS #1:
            Unlimited Voxer Support
            (Value $5,500)
            Unlimited Voxer Support directly with me where I’ll answer any questions you have, virtually on demand, … when I’m not sleeping… 😊 
              FREE STANDARD BONUS #2:
              Redo The Program 100% FREE
              (Value $35,000)
              You can redo the program 100% FREE within 12 months
                FREE STANDARD BONUS #3:
                $90-Million Dollar C.R.I.S.P. Call™ Blueprint Script
                (Value $7,000)
                We give you the step-by-step, word-for-word Script that has helped me and my clients make millions of dollars in high-ticket B2C, B2B, & B2E sales. 

                The nice thing is, it allows you to be 100% authentic and natural. Be who you are!! 
                The VIP Package is about giving you more personal support which means that if you have some demons to get rid of, or want to amplify your skills, mindset, and habits, this is the perfect package for that! 😊 

                Or maybe you just want the additional VIP bonuses because by themselves they’ll give you a huge advantage.

                You get everything in the standard package PLUS
                • ​​​​ 6 Hours of Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions
                I created these 1:1 Coaching Sessions for those of you who want to take your success to the next level super-fast!

                My certified master coaches will help you create a Million Dollar Mindset, remove any and all Limiting Beliefs or Fears you are struggling with and help you turn your Top Goals into Reality.

                In the VIP package, your bonuses include:
                FREE VIP BONUS #1:
                All the bonuses included in the Standard Package
                (Total Value $47,500)
                FREE VIP BONUS #2:
                Free Social Media Profile Video Critique
                (Value $1,695)
                Free Social Media Profile video critique for LinkedIn and Facebook on how to position yourself as a credible expert. 
                FREE VIP BONUS #3:
                LIVE $90-Million Dollar C.R.I.S.P. Call™ Blueprint Demonstration Videos
                (Value $8,500)
                My team and I show you exactly how to use the $90-Million Dollar  Script to turn prospects into high paying clients in 45 minutes or less.

                SPECIAL FULL PAY BONUS


                Introducing My Brand New MSI Mastermind for the First 30 Full Pay Clients Only!

                IT'S EXCLUSIVE AND UNIQUE!
                MSI MASTERMIND
                •  10-Weekly 90-Minute Sessions
                •  NLP Master Tools and Techniques
                •  5 Expert Celebrity Guest Speakers
                (Value $25,000)
                It starts on 14 January 2020. Time will be confirmed for those that get in Now!
                ❝ This Is A-Once-In-A-Lifetime Opportunity For You To Learn From The World’s Top Success Coach! ❞
                Right Now, You’re Wondering How Much This Is?
                The Total Value For The Standard Coaching Program + Bonuses: $87,750.00
                Your investment today is $3,500
                • ​​​​5 Weeks of Live Personal Group Coaching (Value $35,000) 
                • 2x 90 Minute Sessions per week via Zoom 
                • 3x 30 Minute Private Breakthrough Calls with Andre to solve any challenges you're facing with Mindset, Skillset or Habits  (Value $5,250)
                • BONUS #1: Unlimited Voxer Support    (Value $5,500)​
                • BONUS #2: Redo the program 100% FREE (Value $35,000)
                • ​BONUS #3: $90-Million Dollar C.R.I.S.P. Call™ Blueprint Script (Value $7,000)                
                We have easy payment plans available! 
                The Total Value For The VIP Coaching Program + Bonuses: $111,445.00
                Your investment today is $6,000
                • Everything in the Standard Package PLUS 
                • 6-Hours of Personal 1:1 Coaching Sessions with one of our Certified Master Coaches (Value $13,500) 
                • ​Create a Million Dollar Mindset                2x 60 Minute Sessions 
                • Remove Limiting Beliefs and Fears          2x 60 Minute Sessions 
                • ​Turn Your Top Goals Into Reality              2x 60 Minute Sessions 
                • All Bonuses in the Standard Package    (Value $87,750)
                • ​​VIP BONUS #1: Free Social Media Profile Video Critique                                            (Value $1,695)
                • VIP BONUS #2: LIVE $90-Million Dollar C.R.I.S.P. Call™ Blueprint Script Call Demonstration Videos (Value $8,500)
                We have easy payment plans available! 
                  *IMPORTANT:  If you have any questions click the button below.  
                  And because I believe in always giving you that little bit extra...
                  Let me give you total peace of mind… 
                  Remove all the risk because I want you to Get Started Now so you can Succeed! You’re safe and protected.
                  Here’s My Guarantee…
                  Should you not achieve our mutually agreed upon 5-week goal during the Mastering Sales Influence Coaching, I will work with you until you achieve that goal! Free of Charge! There is One Proviso. You must learn, implement and practice everything we cover during the coaching and then, if you don’t achieve your 5-week goal, I’ll continue to work with you until you achieve it. That’s 100% fair, isn’t it?
                  Yes, It Is! 😊

                  URGENT NOTICE!

                  The Good News Is That...
                  When You Act Today You Can Have All the Success, Wealth and Happiness You Want!
                  The Bad News Is That...
                  The Ultimate Cost Of Inaction Is Devastating
                  Everyone knows doing nothing could cost you everything you want!
                  It eats away at you like a cancer… It keeps you stuck, broke and unhappy!

                  The Cost of Inaction Is the Silent Killer!
                  Think about it for a second…
                  What has dragging your heels, procrastinating and delaying your success already cost you?
                  What’s it going to cost you In the Future?

                  I Know It Has Cost Me More Than I Was Ever Willing to Pay!
                  Broken Relationships, Financial Struggle, Personal Hardships, Self-Criticism, Stress, Staying Stuck, Feeling Not Good Enough… and much more!!
                  You Now Have the Opportunity to Fix It!
                  Because MSI allows you to achieve the success, wealth and happiness you want.
                  It’s right in front of you… It’s easy to join…

                  JUST TAKE IT!
                  Because you’ve seen the proof! Heard the testimonials! You have a solid guarantee…
                  Don’t let the Cost of Inaction hurt you any longer… Make the Investment…

                  Join Mastering Sales Influence Now to Ensure Your Success!

                  Here’s the Bottom Line…
                  If you don’t go after what you want, you’ll never have it. Step forward and get what you want!

                  What makes the Mastering Sales Influence Live Coaching Program better and a good decision is the ROI and results you get from it…
                  Here's Some People Who Have Already Achieved Amazing Success Using The Proven Methods That Andre Will Teach You!
                  Alex Romano
                  After just a few weeks of coaching, I was able to take the skills I learned from Andre and go out and generate my first client with a $24,000/year deal. 

                  Not only that, but I now have a process and system that I can replicate again and again to go out there, generate even more clients, and lead the life that I've always wanted. 

                  To say that I gained something that I can use for the rest of my life, to live the way that I want regardless of my circumstances, is invaluable. Having that level of confidence and ability is amazing and it's not anything that anyone can ever take away from me.
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                   Andre's coaching has truly changed my life for the better and in an extremely profound way.

                  This life changing skill he taught me helped me to save my girlfriends life, I attribute her life to Andre.
                  Sumi Kotze
                  Andre took me by the hand and showed me that there was a completely different way to selling, one that actually resonates with me, one that went against all the beliefs I used to have around selling.
                  Andre is straight forward and will tell you what you need to hear but he is also soft and patient. His way of teaching and guiding is incredibly effective and keeps you focused, we also have a ton of fun. He kept me accountable and guided me on the areas in which I needed to improve throughout the process.

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                  My main goal in joining his coaching was to learn the in’s and out's of selling as well as how to adapt it to work well for me and my personality, and that is exactly what I achieved.
                  The results I have seen in myself and my business in such a short period of time have been amazing. The amount of time and struggle that working with Andre has saved me is something I can only be endlessly grateful for.
                  And once I started fully applying everything Andre taught me, I made $17,000 in a few weeks!

                  I highly recommend working with Andre. In my opinion, there would-be no-good reason out there to not work with him.

                  Fast forward to now I have made $55,000 and am super grateful!
                  Chase Kekahuna
                  Andre's Mastering Sales Influence Coaching helped me step out of my comfort zone and sell in a way that allowed me to be an authentic leader to my clients. 

                  Throughout our coaching, Andre took me through his refined sales process and at the same time helped me resolve issues that I was currently experiencing, which to me brought in more value than I expected. 

                  As for results, during my coaching with Andre and the 2-3 months after I managed to close over 6 figures in high-ticket deals. Fast forward to today I am now a multiple 6-figure closer!
                  Overall, I gained confidence, better sales skills, a new perspective on leadership, and a good friend halfway across the world. If you are a salesperson I'd highly recommend going to Andre for guidance.
                  Working with Andre as my coach was one of the best decisions, I've made in 2018!
                  Georgia Ryle
                  I had gone through a wonderful closing program, but I still did not have clarity on what I needed to do and how to achieve it. Andre helped me to get clarity on focusing the conversation so that the prospect would get clear on where they are right now, where they want to be, and whether my offer was a good solution for what they wanted to achieve. He also helped me overcome my limiting beliefs.

                  The class is very small, so he is able to work very closely with each student to help them where they need help the most. He is very caring and compassionate and is able to help the students see things from a different perspective (broadens their view of the world, so to speak).

                  I highly recommend Andre’s program Mastering Sales Influence.

                  Health Vitality Coach
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                  Jack Penda
                  Andre Kotze is the best coach I could’ve wished for. He took me in when I was lost and broke and he has helped pave my path towards success. I was struggling alone, trying many different things, but haven’t gotten any results…

                  After a few weeks working with Andre, I found my first influencer whom I can work with and have learned a way to find many more in a short period of time. If you are reading this review and maybe hesitating because many people have approached you, then you might be robbing yourself from YOUR OWN SUCCESS for all the wrong reasons. 

                  I’ve only met a handful of other people who care about you and your success as much as Andre does. What does it cost you to at least send a message and see for yourself? Nothing. And what can it cost you by not doing anything? 

                  Thank you Andre, I owe you a lot! 
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                  Jason Ho
                  CUSTOM JAVASCRIPT / HTML
                  Kenneth Giovanni
                  Zach Farmer
                  How overcoming my fear of success helped me grow and make money in the family business
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