Do you want extraordinary results in your life, 
business, career and relationships?
How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success, Became a Million-Dollar Earner & How You Can Be Doing It Too…
Discover What Sets Million Dollar Earners Apart From Everyone Else & How To Incorporate Their Strategies Into Your Own Life so you can get the results you want!
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Secrets You'll Discover In The Webinar
There are 3 Key Secrets to understanding What Sales Influence is and How it affects your life
  • Secret #1 - Why learning about sales influence is going to unlock a totally different lifestyle for you...
  • Secret #2 - The strategies and habits you need to adopt in order to live the life you have always wanted...
  • Secret #3 - The 5 things that all million-dollar earners practice that you need to know!
Meet Your Presenter,
Andre Kotze
Andre Kotze is a world-renowned expert on excellence in sales and the Science of Influence.

He went from being an accountant to self-made multi-millionaire in just a few years. He’s one of the most sought-after success coaches, sales trainers, and seminar speakers in the world.

He is a serial entrepreneur that have built five 7-figure companies from scratch, in record time. Together with his wife Myra, he built a group of companies to $15.63 million in 6 short years and personally, closed more than $90 million in sales.

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His mastery comes from building real-life businesses, online and offline, personally making multi-million dollars in sales and receiving coaching from some of the top success coaches and sales gurus in the world.

Many of his clients are top executives, business leaders, entrepreneurs, high-ticket salespeople, coaches and consultants. 
Andre says…
“When you repeatedly do something successfully, it’s not luck, it’s mastery!”

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